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According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, and every year approximately 50,000 die from this disease.

We are back!

PRETTY BALD IN PINK Photo Campaign is a charity project aimed to promote knowledge and support for cancer victims, families and everyone affected by this disease. Like last year, the idea is not to raise money, but to raise conscience and awareness about a subject that concern us all, to some more direct than to others.

Images will be posted on the PBIP blog, flickr and other media.



Much Love



Under an African Sky

Does it bite eek  xox

In  a wonderful sim  called AFRICA, (Do  visit ) they have loads of super  things to see and do, of course as every fashionista knows, you really have to dress  for the occasion, and here I am wearing
one of VERO MODERO’s fabulous new outfits from her  NEW AFRICAN range.
This is the [VM] VERO MODERO AFRICAN TABASAMU SET, which I teamed with   Vanity Hairs manish turban,  added some  zebra striped shoes from lyric, gold  collar n cuffs   from Finesmith to add a  bit of bling, and i was set to  go and see all the  cute creatures. well  the crocs werent so  cute eeek, I clicked them and they wanted to eat me, LOL,
Headgear-VANITY HAIR-Mannish
Shoes -Lyric, zebra stripe in teal,
Jewlery- Finesmith
Make up -MIASNOW
Have a wonderful week
Much love
Taxiiii to VERO MODERO

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A world within a world within a world

I am embarking on a New Build, its keeping me  busy and  pretty  quiet at the moment, most of  my  spare time is devoted to this project.

Its a big build, but I am sadly restricted on prims, with only 3,750 on a homestead  its  finding a compromise for detail, and  trying to figure a ways to do it with the minimum prim.

The trouble  is  I love  tiny details, such as birds in trees, and leaves in water,  and its so  driving  me bonkers, trying to  work them or an illusion of them into the build.

I  will  in the end be  rezzing on a 1 prim platform in the sky to  dress and style  LOL, but as I spend my SL time alone,  its not really a problem. and  that means I get extra trees and birds into the build.

I was hoping to have this  finished  by  the end of this month, but  sadly it seems  that it will take longer.

Once finished I am hoping to  have a  party and open the sim to all  for a few months, before I pull it all down and start all over again.

So  this is TRYST so  far.

Have a super day,

Much Love