Thanking Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS

I have to say Thank You to Nile, she has been and still is a wonderful and caring friend. Her creations so artfully crafted and so feminine, Once upon a time SL was full of places to go where a gown was a necessity, always staing please wear formal.

Not so much now and in some ways its a little sad that SL is merging so closely to RL Do I really want to look like the CHAV in the town centres (no thanks), the magic and fantasy lessens. FLOWERDREAMS Gowns are truly fantasy and therefore hold a touch of magic, One of my all time faves is the Princess Turandot gown it is so pretty. So Thank You Nile for keeping a little Magic in SL.


Gown by Flowerdreams

Hair Damselfly

Satin footstraps by ZIBSKA

Music my Muse

Have a Wonderful Day
Much love


 Xia Firethorn

I am slowly getting through my inventory and my files, I need to change my computer over, as this one (which Ilove, keeps overheating, tbh it has since I bought it, but trying to get Toshiba to do anything about it has been fruitless. This is the last Toshiba I will ever buy grrowll.
I found an older pic of EMOtions Hair, and I do so love Mirja Mills Creations, whilst she makes some fabulous formal and casual styles, her Fantasy section is where I always peek first.

This one is from when I was blogging EMOtions hair, so a Big Thank You to Mirja.

There are times in SL when you meet someone and get close, but its a very illusory platform, and sometimes its just better to walk away. Emotions can run high, and the ensuing Drama that happens is just ridiculous. Now I tend to stay well away from SL Close friendships, I would like to say SL had changed me for the better, but it has really opened my eyes to Human nature, and I wish I could close them again. But for all that, it still is a wonderful platform to play in.
Do Enjoy your Game and remember to many, it is just a Game.
Music my Muse.

Much Love

Just Playing

I am now relaxing and just doing what I want to, When I want to, SL has been manic for me over the past year.

Now its time to play with images taken inworld, I will always of course try to mention the maker of whatever I am wearing as some of them are really fabulous and deserve applause for their sheer Creativity.

Of course I am spending hours in You Tube I am an addict.

Having always been a Coldplay fan I cant get enough of their Album Ghost Stories One of their best Albums to date in my humble opinion.

So for inspiration I have music as my Muse.


Do have a Wonderful Week
Much Love

Make up and Dress up with [VM]VERO MODERO !!

I have been lucky to meet and know some amazing Designers in SL and Bouquet Babii of [VM]VERO MODERO is one fabulous lady. She Designs some of the most amazing Womenswear and Menswear in SL, Gowns, Outdooor, Casual, Couture I could go on.
Now she has just released her NEW MAKE UP Range, ranging from soft subtle eyeshadow, to glorious gothic and Avant Garde.
I promise these area must see.
Here I am wearing her New Fall make up its soft and surrounds the eyes just so gently, when I popped over to peek, I ended up buying the lot.
VM Fall Make up Xia firethorn
Here I am wearing
Fall Make up by [VM] VERO MODERO
Hair base and attachements by Baistice
Jewelry By Mandala

Bouquet had kindly sent me her new Nana Dress available in 4 colors, just the thing for these cold evenings and nippy days, Fabulously chunky with a bold knit and belt included I just love this, Thank you Bouquet for keeping my pixels warm.

[VM] Nanna Dress/xia Firethorn

Check out [VM] VERO MODERO WEBSITE for even more fabulous make ups and her very latest creations.
Have a Fabulous Weekend
Much Love


Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS has to be one of the most Creative people I know, She also has a rather wicked sense of Humor.
The Gothy Horror of these Dresses are just Fabulous for that Halloween Party /Wedding Perfect for the vampys in SL.

The Gowns are extremely sexy, bloody and the Fabulous Bouquet contains a Bloodied Cleaver, just in case someone Hacks you off (sorry couldnt resist)
Finally I have to tell you that These Outstanding Creations were inpsired by her EX SL partner. Gotta Love Nile for this.
I present VICS BRIDE in Black
consisting of Veil, Make up Bloodstains and Bouquet with Bloodied Knife/Cleaver and the rest of the Gown.
Out from Thursday thro til Sunday both are her 55Ls Offers, so Runnnnnnnn

Vics Bride by flowerdreams /Model and photographer  Xia Firethorn

Also on Offer The White Version of VICS BRIDE

VICS BRIDE by Flowerdreams/Model and photographer Xia Firethorn

And this song I dedicate to Nile herself, because she is very Naughty at times !!!
Love you Nile xox

Have a Fabulous Day
Much Love