One of the most innovative  creators in Second Life, and unlike some so called  Avante  Garde  creators,  Zibskas  work is truly perfection, no prims  just thrown together and messy,  I have to say that I like  well made   creations and if I want unusual then I   certainly  know where I am going to  get a  quality   creation,

The  varushka   collar is certainly that,

Zibska Varushka collar

Artfully crafted, unusual and unique, the perfect accessory for that Fabulous event you have lined up at the weekend, Zibska do a whole range of Jewelry, all uniquely different and set to get you noticed.
This is the Zibska Varushka Collar available from the main store;-



I am wearing
HAIR-Noise by EMO tions
Skin-Aquamer by The Plastik,
Gown -Eshi Otowaras Imperial Lotus.
shoes Dictator
Nails Purple moon,
eyes Arcane by snow.

See Much More of ZIBSKAS latest and even more Fabulous Creations on her stream

Better still Check out ZIBSKAS Blog here;-

Shhh theres a SALE going on there :)))



Have a super week

Much Love



More of SL Art

I was also invited to Artists for  SL and have an exhibition going on there  at the moment, I was  so happy and surprised to be asked,  there are a myriad  of Artists there,  of all genres  and they  have a monthly competition for exhibitors, so  a great challenge for all.


woot my  space

I feel very  honored to be asked, and the  flicr  Group is awesome too, so many talented people in SL,  many  much better  than  myself,   but I  do love to play with inworld shots and builds, keeps me out of trouble  too  LOL,

Have a  wonderful  day

Much Love



“iGnavi by Buffy Holfe


I  Dont  often sneek  out from my sim in Second Life,  due to alwaysss being busy, either  taking  shots  of fashions sent  to me by wonderful Designers or Playing round  at building,  Tryst is ever evolving, and   so often I  just  lose time  being lost in  attempting new things.

However when I  saw that Buffy Holfe, had an Art installation going on  I had to sneek out to take a peek,  Buffy  does  some  Fabulous  Artwork  that I follow on Flicr, so  this was a new  thing for  me to check out.


I arrived  at a super reception area,  and  LOL  it even had a pink  catwalk,  just kiddin, but  if its a long walkway its a  runway to me  hahah.


seeeeeeee LOL,   ok from  here we  go through a wonderful   door  into a  pink entrance, Now I am not a lover of pink and   not of abstract art  in general, but this pink  entrance   kind of fascinated me.

8227669244_32b2f95c8b_bDont ask I still dont figure why,  it just did.

from  through  that dark entrance I found myself in this amazing space  with  artwork of   Buffy about to hit me on the head with a  huge wand,

8227660674_80fef52531_band words  keading my way,

Snapshot_060I really was  fascinated,  it was  like walking  through  a  magical world  and   I half expected to meet the Tin Man at some point, after  camming round  and watching all the  art flying through me and past me  I  went foreward again  and  entered;-

Snapshot_180The MAGICAL WORLD of BUFFY HOLFE  and “i Gnavi.

SaliMar _art sim

by Buffy Holfe

I  spent an hour or more, just enjoying  this, its full of light and   just  color, I know  people  rave  about certain artists on SL but I am personally sick of depressing, darkness, there is enough of  that in real life, for me  this was  just  so refreshing to see.

Buffy you are  a STAR.

Thankyou  for sharing ,

Much Love







From Dusk til Dawn with VERO MODERO

From Dusk til Dawn this stunning Dress will see you party through the night, African print in inspiration, Bouquet has made one dreamy dress.
Thankyou Bouquet Babii of VERO MODERO its just heavenly.

I am wearing
Jewlery Feathers from Purple Moon
shoes by BSD Design studio.
Taxiiiiiii to VERO MODERO





If you are a lover of bright zingy colors and prints then you will love this dress from VERO MODERO, wonderfully ethnic, classic styling with a twist, The Red Collar is detachable, so it can be worn with or without.
Either way the VERO MODERO AFRICAN MARA TABITA DRESS is simply eyecatching,
Thankyou for sending me this dress Bouquet its a pleasure to wear.
and a Taxiiiiiiii to the main store-

or even a sneek peek at Bouquets flcir stream for more Goodies

Have a Great weekend
Much love