Lost and found One

I seem to have been sent items that I did not know about, and I can only apologise that I haven’t responded to the Senders.
I am slowly and I mean slowly, tring to clean out this Inworld wardrobe/storage, there are so many items still in boxes and some that I truly had no notification of being sent, so hopefully I will get to those take a shot and say Thank You.
This pretty Blue dress -Taylor by Sabra Style is One such Item, cute and casual.
I teamed it with the previous jewelry set, not because it was easy but because it worked with the outfit, adding some of my fave hair from EMOtions and pose click.
Sabra style/Xia Firethorn

Terra d’ombrA *Maizon Rayna, TerradOmbra (215, 180, 23) – Moderate
Hair EMO tions
By Sabra Style – Classic Couture for Elegant Women

Sabra Style Means Service

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