I dont often  get  to see many of  my old  friends, and  I do  truly care about them,  but  as most are builders and creators and I am always busy chasing my tail in  SL I rarely  get to go out anywhere,  This  really does  need to change, but I get so involved in what I am doing  at my studio and home, time flies and  before you know it I am  falling asleep with my head on my keyboard,   LOL I have woken up and had to remove  hundreds of ……………………………………………………………………………………………… or somesuch  depending on what key my head was  lying  on, I am sure  we have all done it at one time or other,  its  quite funny, I knwo several  peeps who  have also fallen prey to this.

But  very occasionally I do  escape and my  fave place to go is Inspire space park,  My second family used to be there,  but sadly  some are gone and only a few of the old crowd  get there now,

I had to sneek a pic  of  Grafx, one of the Inspirators, a key member of the Inspire  family, and when he does his music sets, your lucky if you can get on to the park. Sadly for us he has moved, and is no longer   on grid but does Occasionally drop  in, I was lucky enough to catch him,  we were  chatting and catching upon old times,   and  due to the subject matter I  bought him a mad  Raccoon hat as a joke, never thinking he would actually wear it,  But you cant keep a  Good Man down and he did so I sneeked a photo, of my gorgeous friend  Grafx.


I have to  say that I adore  this  Guy, he has been kindness itself to me from the very first day I met him,  and Inspire is sadly  missing him, a friend of  several years.

Grafx,  your missed,

Luvya Loads


or  as he  knows  me


The  Inspire  team were   amazing and the particle shows not to be missed, we had so much fun and  everyone so friendly,


Grafx playing with light .


Dancing in particles with Arthurx

wild in the stars  Wild in the stars

The Best Time of my  SL Life xox