I hate Blogging


Oh godd that sounds  bad, I hate Blogging, but in all honesty,  I do, its  sooo boring, ok I get to style some pretty amazing items, but I  just  hateeee  blogging.

I truly am not a  lets write drivel person, I see  some blogs, that are pretty  Good, the ones I follow are  cool,  but some jeeeeeeeeezzzuz forgive me for my sins, but pleeeeaseeeeeeeeee.

Theyre  that sweet you could throw up after reading. what makes  them even   funnier is the fact that the writers are not in the least sweet, a couple of them are the most vindictive and vilest people   one would  never  wish to meet.

Theyre  the ones  who wouldnt spit on you if you were on fire, but  are all over you if  they think it may just forward their positioning in  a higher circle. aaaaaaaaaah   fogive me    for my observations.

People  say well  you have a blog, yep  this is called a blog and  yet its more of a  Diary for me, ok  I throw odd  blog posts in,   cos its expected,  and yes in a way its a   part of my  journey  through  the  SL  fashion  and Model world.

Talking  of which, what  on earth is going on  in the  model and fashion world, with the advent of mesh I am seeing some atrocities that really shouldnt  leave  the drawing board.

Then add to that a sloppy  wannabe model, who cant  be assed to check if one alpha  has removed another while dressing,  jeez I went to one event the other evening,  and  I am such a  sod, I cam  people  checking  lol,  and the amount of bare asses  and backs showing thro mesh clothes   hahahahaha, was  fabulous,  theyre all standing there in  those silly affected  poses they use, with bare bits  hanging out at one of the  supposedly prestigious events.

Ohh god  forgive my  irreverence.

But seriously if  you stood in that position for more  than  2 mins you would be in hospital  with spinal issues  for weeks  hahahaha. og  now I  have to  get some shots of the poses and  do  an irreverent photo shoot.

I do  wonder someitimes if their viewer is showing a different view than mine,   truly I do.

Well  I am declaring this blog a non blog,  its  a diary,   so now I guess I will have to  do another blog, that is just blog and then a blog to blog that,  omg  this  could go on and on .

Now I am starting to write drivel for the sake of it, so  signing off,

If anyone is mad enough to read this

My  friend, you have to be  as mad as me, have a fabulous  Day,

Much Love



OK ok OK

I guess I have always been a bit of a rebel, albeit a quiet one, I am one  of those people  that watch and learn.

Nothing  wrong in  that, but it can be a little isolating,  I love to  explore new things and learn new skills, for  me SL is a learning  process,rather than a  social  thing.

I used  to be so naive and friendly,  and got burned a few times,  so  its  kind of sad that  one of my main lessons is  not to trust people in this virtual world.

We are  all of course  multi faceted beings, often hiding behind a mask of   our own choosing, not only in SL but in RL. thats fine,  as humans we are lucky to have that ability, what  isnt  fine is  when we  use  that   to mislead and undermine others. but thats  just my opinion and morality.

Being  quite a spiritual  being helps  my health and temper a lot, I try  to make allowances for  my own personal failings  and others, I  do often wonder if I live in some alternate reality at times  though, or   that my perception of  both lives is a little strange.

I have  few  close friends in both lives, many aquaintances, but  friends I count on one hand,  not because   I am not a friendly person,  but because I like my personal privacy.  I can party with the best of them and  have done so frequently throughout life,  but at  some point I think each of us  go through what I call a  ahah moment, where suddenly we realise   that there is so much more to our existence  and so much more to explore of this vast universe than  rushing out to buy  the next new   fad , be it  in fashion, gaming,  computers   or i phone.

No  I am not knocking  those items,   and yes  they were at one point priority  numero  uno  for me, until my  ahah moment.

Having been  brought up in  an  alternative way,  it was a  bit of a  wild childhood, and for that I am eternally grateful. It  just took a while for me to understand  it.

I am  not a religious person, in many ways   that would  be  great,  I could   behave  as badly  as I liked,   do my  prayers  for forgiveness and   start all over again  that would be   so easy and    for many it is a coping  mechanism for life.

Yes I did say I was  a spiritual  one, there is a  big difference,  as always I have to go for the difficult option  lol,  but nothing that is truly valuable  ever comes easy.

At present  happily building a world within a world in SL, is  keeping me  in a state of ignorant bliss, I never was one for  drama unless it  is  on a stage.

My journey through  both lives continues,

May yours  be a safe and happy one also,

Much love