Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS has embraced a mix of mesh and prims to create some truly pretty Gowns and Dresses, and not only that she still does her Special Offer from Thursday through until Sunday where she will put out one or sometimes two of her fabulously Feminine creations at the insanely Low price of 55Ls.
Last Weeks has come and gone, but there will be another one coming up this Thursday and it will be as gorgeous as ever.

For Now I am concentrating on a few of her latest releases, So First up is ELAH in Ivory!

A classic fitted Gown, with Beautiful floaty frills that make sure you get noticed on the dance floor.

Then we have ANASTASIA
ANASTASIA/FD/Xia Firethorn
Reminiscent of Old time Royalty but with a sexy cut, perfect for that Masked Ball or RP, stunning in its not so innocent innocence.

DELILAH/FD/Xia Firethorn
As the name suggests, Stunningly Exotic, this is the Earth version all gowns mentioned come in several different textures, just head to the store to see so much more.

Finally we have GILDA extremely smexy, with a Mesh corset, lace skirt and back, complete with stockings, I Dare you to wear this, but make sure you have your pepper spray handy LOL,
GILDA/FD/Xia Firethorn
This is GILDA Midnight, but my fave is the GILDA Old Time Roses version, I am so in love with the Design of this corset-
GILDA/FD/Xia Firethorn

Diverse Designs but always purely feminine is atypical of Nile karas of FLOWERDREAMS so head to the Store and delight in Lace and lovEliness.


and because I know Nile loves Coldplay
For you Nile

Have a Beautiful day Everyone
Much Love


Nile Karas of FLOWERDREAMS has just released her Latest offer this runs from Thursday 9/1/2014 thro until Sunday after that these Gowns Go back up to full price.
First up is AMELIE available in Black or White, and is at the fabulous price of 55LS until sunday
Very pretty and feminine.

Next We have the MESH ALEXANDRA GOWN this is available in Red, Raven, Plum and Emerald and comes with Earrings and Hair flowers.
Classical and classy this Gown is on Offer for 300Ls until Sunday then goes back to full price of 600 after.

FD/Xia Firethorn

These are all available at the Mainstore, so if you wish to take advantage of the wonderful prices, here is the Taxiii


Have a Fabulous Day
Much Love