Wowwwww what a surprise I had, Zibska sent me a Gorgeous Dress that she called XIA, I felt so honored, and absolutley LOVED this dress, its Flowers and flowers and more Flowers, with circlets of flowers surrounding me, How could anyone not LOVE this. Here I am wearing the fawn one. and her fabulous jewelry that I got to match it, add to that the barbe bob and its Zibska all the way, My sweet friend also wears Zibska, he is wearing the zibska Petra which is a cropped fur sweater and legwarmers.
Thankyou so much Zibska xox
So I am wearing;-

ZIBSKA Barbe Bob , which comes in a pack of five colors,
ZIBSKA NATRA Earrings and Necklace which has texture changing options.
Nails Finesmith

He Wears ;-
ZIBSKA -Cropped Fur Sweater and Legwarmers in Black, (yep it looks great on guys too)

and Taxiiiiiiiii to ZIBSKA

and market place link



Rambling again


In personal reality, I am kind of quiet and  a bit shy, I  am so  used to working alone,  I have a real   love of dark romance,  kinda  goth stuff,  I think its the dramatic feel of it that appeals.

In SL you can RP literally  anything,  not that I do any RP, but I see such amazing avatars,  put together by so many creative people and I admire them so much.

I often sneek off  to Inspire  space park for  the odd hour,  there are such fabulous  creatures there, Angels, fae, dragons, warriors, and of course  Grafx, who is a  great  guy, plays and mixes the most fabulous music, He really is talented and I am honored  to  know him.


I have met some amazing people  there, very  talented,  there are of course  the  not so nice as in all places, but I am sure someone loves them, so thay cant  be all bad.


I havent investigated  the  Vampire cults on SL,  because they dont  have a great reputation,  but I do love the dark styling,  and fabulous outfits that are out there from a fashion point of view.


From a personal point of view, I guess I always  have liked gothy type fashion, swinging from goth to boho in reality depending on mood and where I was going, I am in SL rather a Chameleon,   funny thing is in RL  I am very much like that too,  I am surprised I still have hair I have tortured  it so much with different  colors  on a weekly or outing basis,  Thankfully in SL its just a click in my invent,  aaaaaaahhhh I so wish RL  would work the same way,  woah that would  be awesome.

Have a fabbbbbbbbbbb dayyyyy

Much love






As a lover of music, I often find that  a song or melody will inspire a shot or outfit, I have music throughout the  day,  loving psychill,  classical some  rock,  and  just love  songs with message and meaning, I kinda of  have a love hate relationship with you tube,   I have found so much music I amy  never have heard, but those damnnn adverts drive me  nuts.

This shot was inspired  by   a  super sound  I  was listening  to called  sleeper in metropolis, by Anne  Clark a blend of electronic music and poetry


Jeans By Bliss Couture,

Hair  by KMadd

Jacket  Riccielli.

one of my  very first shots as a new model,

Have a great week,

Much Love




Pure Fantasy


An old friend dropped by to see me, he wanted to see TRYST and when he saw it, entered into the spirit of  the sim by changing into  a Faun,  I could not resist taking a shot of him, I love visitors who enter into the spirit of things,  Dragons fairys merfolk are all such lovley beings,

Thanks GG for   allowing me to take this shot, and welcome to TRYST

Much Love



for the sheer joy of it


I love to create  art, with fabulous variety of builds  within different  sims its  criminal not to.

Such places of beauty,  mostly open  to all,  and being a bit of a dreamer I find it impossible  not  to try  to create a  CGI that is worthy of the  place.

This was taken at the beautiful Alirium  Sim,  if you get time it really is a wonderful place,

Much Love



I really have had it,

There is a cancer awareness  event  going on atm, in SL, and I had a few prims to spare, so set up an area for  those who had no use of a studio, to  either take a photo or I would have happily done it for them, sadly someone sent me a  very visible message, rezzed all items and set the fire effect to max so it looked like it was burning down..


It was not only  hurtful but also very petty and downright evil in the circumstances.

I am aware of my non popularity in  some circles,  I guess as one friend  put it,  they cant  label or box me so they   feel  threatened.

Thankfully I dont suffer such paranoia, I admire peoples creativity, Jealousy is such a negative emotion,  as for EGO I  truly do find  that kind of distasteful, we are all gifted in many ways, its just finding   out what that gift is and developing it.


I would love to see  those peeps who  really do  feel theyre superior  a few weeks after the sewage worker had   gone on strike  LOL , yep I have a very evil sense of humor.

SL for me is just another creative outlet, and I so do love  to see the fabulous creations within  it.

I guess I thought  modelling  would allow me to explore more of the detailed work, and it does to a point, but not being much of a party person, preferring to build or  take  photos, I dont mix much.

I would always try to support a great cause though,   which is why the event on my sim saddened me so much, ahh  such is the viciousness of some individuals within the modelling circuit.

I would  say the worst thing I have learned in SL  since  joining this  group, is  mistrust, and thats   very very sad.


With  that said, I have met a few and again with sadness I list them on one hand, nice people, so maybe its time to  leave the model scene and just explore  the fabulous world that  is SL.

Have a beautiful  week

Much Love

from  a

very sad and  dissillusioned




Finally I  have kind of  finished TRYST,  my virtual  world in a virtual world.

I guess  for anyone  who isnt  involved in this type of activity, its a difficult thing to understand, and  I admot some of my friends think I am barmy,  well, I say  dont  judge anything til you try it.

Also for many sick and ill People    Virtual  worlds give a platform   that allows them  some kind of  ability to do what they used to do in Reality and  may  be unable to do at present.

Its not prim perfect,  but will get there as I  find more building skills, and if any builders visit I am happy to talk constructive critiscism.

These are   just a couple of  shots of TRYST, I hope people  who may  visit, enjoy its intention as a place to be at peace with all life.

Much Love




HELP to SAVE LIVES join in




According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes, and every year approximately 50,000 die from this disease.

We are back!

PRETTY BALD IN PINK Photo Campaign is a charity project aimed to promote knowledge and support for cancer victims, families and everyone affected by this disease. Like last year, the idea is not to raise money, but to raise conscience and awareness about a subject that concern us all, to some more direct than to others.

Images will be posted on the PBIP blog, flickr and other media.



Much Love




My first solo build, where I actually  make items  Builder Brewery classes are  wonderful, but sadly mainly  US time so I am  often asleep, but I do go as and when i can catch one, I was hoping ot be finished by now but time and  other things  get   in the way, and I am  so having probs with  my  SL at the moment  ahh such is life  xox

view looking out over  TRYST  I put  a rail in on the top floor so peeps wouldnt fall off 🙂

My  wonderful MERLIN,  who says the nicest things,

He told me He loved me today, aww Bless his little  talons  xox