My Little Star again.

I have a new phone and the camera is amazing, and my focus has been catching my little Tahni at various times.

The trouble with smartphones is that you need to be smart to use them, annnnnd having not bothered before apart from a very old Razor mobile I finally bought a new one .

I have only locked it up once so far LOL and a friend got to sort that out for me, it has more apps than a supersonic jet, I just wish one of them was dusting!!

Just as much fun to play with is the tablet that I got to match, and also addictive. But I digress, my main use of the said phone is catching poor Tahni when she least expects it, this is payback for wanting to play while I am trying to watch a movie LOL.

This little lady is non stop playtime and by bedtime her eyes start to drop a little and she grabs her fave toy of he moment and off to sleep she goes.

So Dreamtime Tahni just about to drop off to sleep.

To Sleep to Dream

She snores a lot.

Have a Great Day

Much Love



A world within a world within a world

I am embarking on a New Build, its keeping me  busy and  pretty  quiet at the moment, most of  my  spare time is devoted to this project.

Its a big build, but I am sadly restricted on prims, with only 3,750 on a homestead  its  finding a compromise for detail, and  trying to figure a ways to do it with the minimum prim.

The trouble  is  I love  tiny details, such as birds in trees, and leaves in water,  and its so  driving  me bonkers, trying to  work them or an illusion of them into the build.

I  will  in the end be  rezzing on a 1 prim platform in the sky to  dress and style  LOL, but as I spend my SL time alone,  its not really a problem. and  that means I get extra trees and birds into the build.

I was hoping to have this  finished  by  the end of this month, but  sadly it seems  that it will take longer.

Once finished I am hoping to  have a  party and open the sim to all  for a few months, before I pull it all down and start all over again.

So  this is TRYST so  far.

Have a super day,

Much Love