BLUSH with Rfyre and Vanity

I am not a lover of Pale skins in SL, they always have a dead look, but the NEW Mabel Skin from BLUSH Skins debunks my theory on that, in fact I absolutely LOVE BLUSH Skins.
Mabel appealed to me so so much that I asked Marie Whitfield the creator of the Fabulous BLUSH Skin range if she would kindly make a custom Tan one for me and she did so a BIG Thank You to BLUSH Skins for that.

I also had the pale one which she sent to me for a promo shoot. I so loved it, I had to just go and buy the Dark Version, and then of course the tan that she custom made.
I have to say that MABEL Skin by BLUSH is possibly one of the best on the grid nowadays, there are so many Plastic looking ones mostly the same with just different Make ups and theyre not so nice either.
MABEL has one of the most realistic textures I have seen and I like Real.
There are also now slink and Lola Appliers for Mabel.

BLUSH has also recently released another new skin ADRIANA which I have yet to check out,(next on my list) I am such a skin Minx. but for me BLUSH just works!!
link to MP for more BLUSH!!
BLUSH/xia Firethorn
Wearing BLUSH skin MABEL in Pale
Hair by Vanity Hair

BLUSH/Xia Firethorn

I have to say that I am such a lover of Velvet and Lace, not only in SL but in RL too. This new outfit from the house of Rfyre is just Gorgeous, classy and warm for that evening out add Mabel skin in Pale and Vanity hair in Black, it all adds up to mysterious and romantic, Neck collar and Earrings by ROC.

Have a Fabulous Week
Much Love

Listenin to…..

Rambling again


In personal reality, I am kind of quiet and  a bit shy, I  am so  used to working alone,  I have a real   love of dark romance,  kinda  goth stuff,  I think its the dramatic feel of it that appeals.

In SL you can RP literally  anything,  not that I do any RP, but I see such amazing avatars,  put together by so many creative people and I admire them so much.

I often sneek off  to Inspire  space park for  the odd hour,  there are such fabulous  creatures there, Angels, fae, dragons, warriors, and of course  Grafx, who is a  great  guy, plays and mixes the most fabulous music, He really is talented and I am honored  to  know him.


I have met some amazing people  there, very  talented,  there are of course  the  not so nice as in all places, but I am sure someone loves them, so thay cant  be all bad.


I havent investigated  the  Vampire cults on SL,  because they dont  have a great reputation,  but I do love the dark styling,  and fabulous outfits that are out there from a fashion point of view.


From a personal point of view, I guess I always  have liked gothy type fashion, swinging from goth to boho in reality depending on mood and where I was going, I am in SL rather a Chameleon,   funny thing is in RL  I am very much like that too,  I am surprised I still have hair I have tortured  it so much with different  colors  on a weekly or outing basis,  Thankfully in SL its just a click in my invent,  aaaaaaahhhh I so wish RL  would work the same way,  woah that would  be awesome.

Have a fabbbbbbbbbbb dayyyyy

Much love