I really have had it,

There is a cancer awareness  event  going on atm, in SL, and I had a few prims to spare, so set up an area for  those who had no use of a studio, to  either take a photo or I would have happily done it for them, sadly someone sent me a  very visible message, rezzed all items and set the fire effect to max so it looked like it was burning down..


It was not only  hurtful but also very petty and downright evil in the circumstances.

I am aware of my non popularity in  some circles,  I guess as one friend  put it,  they cant  label or box me so they   feel  threatened.

Thankfully I dont suffer such paranoia, I admire peoples creativity, Jealousy is such a negative emotion,  as for EGO I  truly do find  that kind of distasteful, we are all gifted in many ways, its just finding   out what that gift is and developing it.


I would love to see  those peeps who  really do  feel theyre superior  a few weeks after the sewage worker had   gone on strike  LOL , yep I have a very evil sense of humor.

SL for me is just another creative outlet, and I so do love  to see the fabulous creations within  it.

I guess I thought  modelling  would allow me to explore more of the detailed work, and it does to a point, but not being much of a party person, preferring to build or  take  photos, I dont mix much.

I would always try to support a great cause though,   which is why the event on my sim saddened me so much, ahh  such is the viciousness of some individuals within the modelling circuit.

I would  say the worst thing I have learned in SL  since  joining this  group, is  mistrust, and thats   very very sad.


With  that said, I have met a few and again with sadness I list them on one hand, nice people, so maybe its time to  leave the model scene and just explore  the fabulous world that  is SL.

Have a beautiful  week

Much Love

from  a

very sad and  dissillusioned



A world within a world within a world

I am embarking on a New Build, its keeping me  busy and  pretty  quiet at the moment, most of  my  spare time is devoted to this project.

Its a big build, but I am sadly restricted on prims, with only 3,750 on a homestead  its  finding a compromise for detail, and  trying to figure a ways to do it with the minimum prim.

The trouble  is  I love  tiny details, such as birds in trees, and leaves in water,  and its so  driving  me bonkers, trying to  work them or an illusion of them into the build.

I  will  in the end be  rezzing on a 1 prim platform in the sky to  dress and style  LOL, but as I spend my SL time alone,  its not really a problem. and  that means I get extra trees and birds into the build.

I was hoping to have this  finished  by  the end of this month, but  sadly it seems  that it will take longer.

Once finished I am hoping to  have a  party and open the sim to all  for a few months, before I pull it all down and start all over again.

So  this is TRYST so  far.

Have a super day,

Much Love



so I need to upgrade

Ok welllll  when I  log into  the blog it asks would I like to upgrade  to pro, and seeing other blogs, they  are obviously pro. but often its not the fact that theyre  a flashy design website,  its what is in them that is the key.

Upgrading my avatar here with an emote  hud, was  soooo not  good,  I think we have all  seen photos and  avis,  with  that really freaky  insane grin  forced onto their face  by    the said  hud.

I see  a  lot of  photos on Flicr  of  avatars  with  such  like, ok it may be  my personal  dislike, but seriously,  who  grins like a chesire cat every 15 seconds.  and its not even a pretty chesire cat.  yikes.


I was laughing  so hard  when I grabbed this shot, because of that look on my face. there are moments in Second Life, such as only half your  head rezzing  or just clothes and no avi,   these are what I call  priceless SL moments, and sometimes  if we are  fast we can catch them in a photo,  theyre a never ending source of amusement to me.

Ok yeahh  small things amuse small minds, I hear you thinking.

Well  my amusement is  fine by me,  the only person I would ever wish to take the  piss out  of  is myself, and it hurts no one.

Now  I need to  go look at this upgrade  lark,

Have a beautiful day,

Much Love