If you are a lover of bright zingy colors and prints then you will love this dress from VERO MODERO, wonderfully ethnic, classic styling with a twist, The Red Collar is detachable, so it can be worn with or without.
Either way the VERO MODERO AFRICAN MARA TABITA DRESS is simply eyecatching,
Thankyou for sending me this dress Bouquet its a pleasure to wear.
and a Taxiiiiiiii to the main store-

or even a sneek peek at Bouquets flcir stream for more Goodies

Have a Great weekend
Much love

Under an African Sky

Does it bite eek  xox

In  a wonderful sim  called AFRICA, (Do  visit ) they have loads of super  things to see and do, of course as every fashionista knows, you really have to dress  for the occasion, and here I am wearing
one of VERO MODERO’s fabulous new outfits from her  NEW AFRICAN range.
This is the [VM] VERO MODERO AFRICAN TABASAMU SET, which I teamed with   Vanity Hairs manish turban,  added some  zebra striped shoes from lyric, gold  collar n cuffs   from Finesmith to add a  bit of bling, and i was set to  go and see all the  cute creatures. well  the crocs werent so  cute eeek, I clicked them and they wanted to eat me, LOL,
Headgear-VANITY HAIR-Mannish
Shoes -Lyric, zebra stripe in teal,
Jewlery- Finesmith
Make up -MIASNOW
Have a wonderful week
Much love
Taxiiii to VERO MODERO

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just WORDS

There are so many blogs out there, all full of  words, words of wisdom, words of inspiration  Blogging is kind of like a diary,  we put things  in  that are relevant to the day,

As a Model in SL , mine will often be a creation   that I am wearing, hoping that the information I give will  help another to style  and buy  that outfit.


But also  I often sneeek in art shots, and really I spend far to much time on this  computer  when I should be  doing other things.


Often seen are quotes  by   the  famous and wise, words  to aspire to,   a few may even manage to live up to the words they choose,  but I doubt it.


Profiles in Second life  are a  great source of entertainment, Often  they contain these quotes,  yet  when you actually  talk  to the person bearing the words, Its   actually frightening.

They could no sooner live up to those words than shoot themselves in the foot.

I am always very wary of  people with quotes of wisdom and drops of poison in  there profiles now.

As a species, we are so lucky  to have the ability of words, yet  we abuse  them daily, theyre  powerful little  things, its so easy to make someone feel very  Good, or very very  bad about themselves with just a word.

For me, my motto is if I have made one person smile in a day,  then  it has been a very  Good Day.

Use your words wisely, I always try to.

Have a  beautiful day,

Much Love