XMAS  is Gone Yayyy, ok I admit to being a  omg  not again and all the ensuing insanity.

I  just want it to be  over and lets  face it it starts months before  it starts nowadays, Tv Ads, Pushy people, you can hear me growling  as I  try to just buy that stuff we need like Food etc and they moved  all to some obscure  shelf area  just to make space for that all important xmas Tat.

SL has its fair share of madness too.   and I  quite like to decorate my SL home the bits don’t drop off the tree there.

So now  I am clearing my decorations,  which I have to say were beautifully made by Sharni Azalee of The  TLG. OUR FESTIVE Joy gacha.

Created by Sharni Azalee from the TLG www.flickr.com/photos/sharni_azalee/ this is one wonderful xmas set comprising of

Cuddle Rug with Tex change at 4li

Decorating stool and baubles 6li

short garland 3li

Mistletoe kisses hanging from ceiling rose 4li

Twinkle Garland at 13li

Mantle Decor at 8li

Ladder shelf 12li

gift boxes 3 and 4 li

Fireplace on off at touch 7li

music Box Touch to play silent night . touch top to light up 11li

Xmas tree animated and twinkling baubles and bon bons 9li



So now I am clearing  up the things  that I took from the set hhhmm might hang on to the Mistletoe, you  never know  hahaha.

So I have  some of  the TLG xmas set to still clear and my home  looks a little bare now, while looking for some stuff to clutter it up  I found this outfit on MP.

Neat little number

by LeCastle- Chinatsu Jacket and skirt set,  and it  comes with a multicolor hud so  with one hud you can change and mix n match the colors down to the buttons n braces. fast changing is so much  easier. click the hud   quicly apply a new lippy and off you go.

Earrings are by Yula Finesmith, MP.

Hair is by Sintiklia called Zoella and has detachable bangs. or fringe as we say in the UK.

Right back to work and  I am  yeah gonna keep the mistletoe, I do love a bit of Greenery.

Have a  Great Week

Much Love