One of the most important events in SECOND LIFE lets take it to REAL LIFE .

Is   The  Stand4 love campaign that is currently  running, organised by RicoRacer  Flux and his  hubby Editorial Clarity Flux, this campaign is  promoting acceptance and love for all  fellow beings.

No matter what color creed or sexual orientation.

I for one wholeheartedly support this, Life is short,  too short for hatred and ignorance. Lets  all put our actions where  our mouths  are and   Stand4 Love, the more love in the world, the less  space there is for hatred.

XIA FIRETHORN/STAND 4 LOVEand the link  to the VERY IMPORTANT info  about this;-



Xia Firethorn



Thankyou Blue


Iposted  this a  while  ago on Flickr and Blue kindly added a  comment as many others  did and for which I was truly Grateful,   but the link  he sent was so incredibly  Beautiful I wanted to share it.

So Thankyou Blue/Claudio its  beautiful  ❤

Pure Fantasy


An old friend dropped by to see me, he wanted to see TRYST and when he saw it, entered into the spirit of  the sim by changing into  a Faun,  I could not resist taking a shot of him, I love visitors who enter into the spirit of things,  Dragons fairys merfolk are all such lovley beings,

Thanks GG for   allowing me to take this shot, and welcome to TRYST

Much Love