Jiwa Tenang, Ocean Breeze release for Swank.

Ms Sharni Azalee has been extremely busy creating this fabulous set for SWANK.

The  set can be  arranged just how you like it.


Decking andTLG - Jiwa Tenang Water Base and Decking Beach

Decking and pots come with a texture change option, click them and see.

A really wonderful set for your home and Garden and available now at SWANK events.

https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/179/168/821TLG - Jiwa Tenang Beach Pot PlantsThe Details and Li  on these  are Courtesy of Sharni Azalee of the  TLG.


Sharni has also created this Really Pretty Summer Dress, a little Cute and a Little Boho, available  with  Trim in  Lilac, Blue, Pink, Orange and Teal.  I am wearing the Pink version.


and Below is how I set them,  Using the base as walls,  All the parts in this set are all Mod Copy so play away:)    Have a Great time shopping at SWANK. Much Love  Xia xoxTLG set for Swank

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