Time, Money and Events.

My time in SL is precious, there is just not enough of it and given these damn Events all  over  the place, usually  full, usually LAGGY and tbh a pain in the arse for some of us.


Ok  they do Showcase the  odd Designer that you may not know  but in the main its the same old shit with new textures.


I know that I should always take a Demo of  stuff, where I do not know the designer, I know this and truly often do,  if its in store.

To be fair , if you have an issue with an item and contact the designer via a note card, usually they are very very helpful  and will take your issue on board.

I went to an event recently for some  hair I wanted and to see if  a couple of my fave Designers had released  New Items.

The reason being, that  despite being in their Group they seem to believe that informing said Group Members of any New Releases is of  the utmost UNIMPORTANCE.

So on the odd occasion I have been known to  zip in,  IF I can get in and just buy the item.

So I saw a  fab Hairbase , it said it was compatible with my Mesh…….Below is telling me its NOT ….XIHUD_003f fu

Now I like a Beard the same as other women,  Just not on myself.

I contacted this Designer, who sent me a Lightshot of  a different make of Mesh.


I replied  Thank You for  that but this is not that Mesh. Its the other one and he then  kindly  Responded by saying I only make hair and bases for men?????


Dear Norman,

If that is the case, you have just lost yourself  thousands of potential sales, Well Done Sir.





Much Love





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