Panties Please

Just a  personal thing,  I zipped over  to a club  a couple of weeks ago,  just to maybe take a  bit of a break from my normal SL.

Now  I am aware that some Ladies don’t like a VPL and therefore do not wear panties.

BUT they are not wearing really short  skirts or dresses,  ok  you may get the odd one that’s doing it for let’s say personal gratification.

There were several ladies here one with a Tabard type dress and one with a  miniscule mini another had a basic frill..

Due to the nature of the type of dance animation I swear truly  I do,  that not  one alpha was in use.

Now Ok it was an adult club. BUT  not that type of Adult Club and seriously  I do not wish

to see bushes of hair in my view wiggling round in what they may think erotic or even sexy.

Girls  it is the equivalent of a noob wandering round with  his attachment out,  Jeez Get a GRIP.

If you can’t use an alpha or you  mesh body doesn’t  have a suitable area removal you can buy Thongs and Panties and  guess  what,  They  do not  leave a VPL in SL.

I did take photos of these so  called ladies, but my friend said upskirting was not

allowed  in SL,  Damn  you would have died laughing.



SMESH do a Great affordable Range and this Thong is Hud driven with   several  colours to choose from.

MP link PLEASE 2_002 FINAL

Now do not forget your Panties Ladies.

Hair Analog Dog


Hooded top Cremosas

Boots Hilly Alan

2nd pic Top Bette by Blueberry Multi Option and Panties included.

Necklace by MG from the Giselle Range.

Have a Great Week

Much Love




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