Sometimes I just  do not Love  Blogging,  not that I am particularly Good at it anyway.

Flickr is another of my pet hates,  don’t get me wrong, I see  such fabulous photo’s on there and tbh  some reallllly  bad ones.

But its  a Time Bandit….

I enjoy flicking through  the pictures and finding inspiration,  the only issue  being is that  I try hard  not to be influenced or  copy  pics.


I do like taking photos inworld and something will inspire me in this case its  Hair by Tableau Vivant, called Fruit of the Loom.

Yesss I have been at the  Arcade  Gatcha againnnnn. (wishes someone would  ban me from there lol)

It was such  unusual hair  so I just had to take a pic .


So we have Fruit of the Loom Red apples in Blonde ( there are pears and peaches But I didn’t get those having for once restrained my gacha habit)

from The Arcade


wings are from

Belle Epoque, Wild Willows (178, 129, 23)

Cage with candles was a Group Gift from Jian

JIAN :: est. 2015, Jian (239, 238, 23)



Have a  Super fruit week.

Much Love








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