No Control..

Sometimes a Dress in SL Catches one’s eye,  and it all starts from there,

In this case it was wings, it all started with wings, having a bit  of a wing fetish is relatively  harmless I suppose, Not that in any way shape or  form could anyone describe me as  being an Angel.

But I saw the wings, then I saw the dress and the boots and the Hair I had  been given by a friend , obtained  at some Random Gacha. I am trying to avoid Gachas at the moment, they are an addictive form of gambling and tbh most are shite. I tried one to get a dress  I wanted and ended up with so many  fekin sleeves  I could keep half of the population of SL in sleeves. grrr.

Don’t get me wrong,  some  Gachas  are  Great, they  have  really  good common items that one would be happy to have and boot out  the Rares on a regular basis,  BUT  a FEW  are truly  either rigged or  just trash. If it wasn’t for the fact that I would  be  Hung Drawn and possibly  quartered, I would list them here if only to  make others aware of who’s to avoid.

Anyhow to get back to  the wings, Dress and Boots which have nothing at all to do with Gachas, Gosh  I do  feel better after that little Rant.

The Wings are Heavenly and are from BLUEBERRY. (available in Several Colors)

The Gown Divine also from BLUEBERRY (available in Several Colors)

Boots by ROC,  very Smexy and with a Color change Hud

Great Price too, I am sick of paying over the odds for the Branded Names, its worse than RL..

Hair Hami by Leituier at the Gacha Garden( Gift from a Friend )ty.

The particles are By Illusions, Venus does some fabulous effects.

and the end product was

I have NO CONTROL over these kids……

No Control

Have a Super Day and avoid little Devils (and dodgy Gachas)

Much Love






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