Silly Me!

I  stupidly let my premium account on here lapse.

Now  due to my  slothful ways, it has been taken:(

Of course I  went into Panic mode as usual and  was a little concerned that anyone reading old posts on Flickr or wherever would click an old link and  think WTF!!


I am not really a Great Blogger and  mainly put the info on my FlickrStream. or its simply Copy and paste it here, knowing how much a Time Bandit Flickr  can be, it just seems that  jumping over to a Blog page for the same info is then making me a Time Bandit.

So much has changed in SL, some Good and some Bad.

Having left the Model Agencies I seem somewhat a Pariah lately.

But thats ok, I  have been  a little busy messing with  The New Region  that I  recently Bought.

Yes its madness,  but tbh I love my SL  and working out the costs of a full sim is equal to a night at the Theatre, Just that I get to play  most nights.


Mesh has led to some amazing Creations and  also some godamn awful ones.

Seeing the same  dress at  different events with simply a different color or pattern  seems  to be the norm.


But there are a FEW Designers out there still that have not let their creativity go .

Thank  the stars.

So now I have to think of a NEW domain name and   start to copy paste stuff .


I kinda miss Modelling a little  bit, but I do not miss  the Bitching.

Thankfully one seems to have left SL. so that is  a Blessing in Disguise.


Have a Great Week to come . Much Love  Xia (not .com)


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