A precautionary tale of SL Extortion

I reblogged this, That is appalling, Now you know why I left the model groups pfft, I am disgusted by this !!!



It is my opinion that actions from a “blogger” and aspiring “designer” like this is Second Life are not acceptable and amount to extortion.

You give me all your stuff for free or I will talk shit about you.

On September 9th I made a flickr post looking for photographers. www.flickr.com/photos/zibska/15001402197/ On the 13th I updated the Photographers wanted post with “Thank you for your replies, I will be contacting those of you who have been accepted in the next day or two. <3”

I got an overwhelming reply to the open application and diligently went thru each and every stream and blog giving consideration to present quality of work and/or future potential of all those who applied then got in touch with those who were accepted.

Paradox had blogged for me previously, I often give people who are just starting out a little help in pursuing their SL fashion…

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9 comments on “A precautionary tale of SL Extortion

  1. Jesus, a reblog? Xia, you’ve always been very nice when I talked to you. I found Zibska’s behavior very cruel and the way that people joined in to attack him was like a public lynch mob behavior. She hurt him enough when she posted that, yet everyone wanted to join in and give him a kick or a hit. It’s disturbing. We should not act like that.

    • No One should Blackmail others, I do not care who they think they are Christiana.
      I always try to be nice to others, which in some cases is a big mistake.
      Too many of these “I am amazing models have to much of I am amazing Ego’s ”
      So yes I re blogged it and would do the same again if warranted!
      I am sorry Christiana you have always been very kind to me, all I can say is lets hope the arrogant little shit has learned a valuable lesson.

    • Christiana, I have removed your last vitriolic reply, We obviously have different views on this, you have made your point, I have stated mine.
      I respect your views please have the courtesy to respect mine.
      I do no wish to have a public catfight over these differing opinions and certainly do not wish to partake of Drama.
      Have a super week 😉

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