The Myth of Individualism

So True!

Art by Rob Goldstein

If someone wants to use his innate gifts
and education to pursue the acquisition
of expensive antiques, that is his right.

But, he doesn’t have the right of exclusive
access to healthcare, food, and education.

These are essential to survival.

No one has the right to own the quality
of another person’s future.

To use the power of the government to
impose destitution by depriving
people of basic services is more bestial
than slavery.

I think that if you asked, most people
would say no to a legal system that
places property rights above human

Imagine “nag ware” installed in your
mind to remind you of the human
condition and your role in changing

Imagine a pop-up screen that reminds
you that none of us is immune to

The half-truth that drives the modern
myth of ‘individualism” is correct
for those people who have access
to the…

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