Xia Firethorn

I am slowly getting through my inventory and my files, I need to change my computer over, as this one (which Ilove, keeps overheating, tbh it has since I bought it, but trying to get Toshiba to do anything about it has been fruitless. This is the last Toshiba I will ever buy grrowll.
I found an older pic of EMOtions Hair, and I do so love Mirja Mills Creations, whilst she makes some fabulous formal and casual styles, her Fantasy section is where I always peek first.

This one is from when I was blogging EMOtions hair, so a Big Thank You to Mirja.

There are times in SL when you meet someone and get close, but its a very illusory platform, and sometimes its just better to walk away. Emotions can run high, and the ensuing Drama that happens is just ridiculous. Now I tend to stay well away from SL Close friendships, I would like to say SL had changed me for the better, but it has really opened my eyes to Human nature, and I wish I could close them again. But for all that, it still is a wonderful platform to play in.
Do Enjoy your Game and remember to many, it is just a Game.
Music my Muse.

Much Love

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