Wish you were here!

The Annual Hair fair is this weekend, but No landmark has been given yet, this one promises to be amazing, but then it usually is.
With the advent of Mesh I am seeing some very plastic looking hair, although it doesn’t cut through your avi, well at least if its made well, Some just look like a plastic cap on your head

I am so looking forward to EMO tions new releases they’re fantasy based, so for me just fabulous.

However I also like some of the older hair and this one from BOUDOIR as its name suggests a Fairytale, its probably one of my all time faves.

I don;t have the Land mark for the fair, so if you do and you are by some miracle reading this, do Please drop it into the comment box for people who may like it, and Thank You for doing so.

Have Fun at the Hair fair, remember its not a flippin fashion show, so please use low lag clothes etc and remove any huds you really dont need, its Lag City at the best of times, so be considerate.

Wish you were  here

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