Sayin It

Back out of hospital for now, fingers crossed again.
I logged in to find I had been given a gift by Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture.
Now when someone is kind enough to send me a gift, I do like to take a pic of it.
kindly Given to me for liking Terra D’ombrA in FB, So Thank you ❤

Hair Courtesy of EMO tions

ps DIRAM have a 50percent Sale on for Mesh Items atm ❤

Pose by Bauhaus Movement.

Have a Great day



More Info
Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture

“Exquisitely detailed, accurately textured, perfectly accessorised, Terra D’ombrA produces the elegance of Italian design.”

web site sl

web site rl

****!Terra d’ombrA *Maizon Rayna, TerradOmbra (215, 180, 23) – Moderate

and because I have an EVIL sense of Humor.

Have a Super Bitchy Day
Much Love

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