Taking it Slowly!!

After a shock spell in Hospital, and now finding out I have a heart condition to add to the other shit (Drunk Drivers I hate them) thrown my way, My blog is now kind of on a back burner.

I have finally got the SL model thing out of my system and left all the agencies I was with. Some with sadness MA and others gladly.

In fact I am barely going into SL these days, preferring to mooch thro my garden and also veg out in front of the TV, yeahhhh they said No exercise for now woot!!

OG Healthy diet, I will look like a frekin lettuce soon, the thought of a yummy thick Cheese sauce over pasta aaaaa such are dreams made of. saying that I have always been one who eats to live rather than one who lives to eat.

So please if you have anything that suddenly appears out of the blue health wise, Get to the Docs to have it checked, it may be scary I know but trust me it could save your life.

Have a Happy and healthy Summer and don’t forget the SPF.
Much love
Xia Casual Firethorn

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