Getting ARTY with KAT

This Sassy Hairstyle from Mirja Mills of EMO tions is wonderfully different. You can wear it two ways, just as an unusually fabulous

Hair style, or add the Paint pallet for that Gallery your going to visit, either way its going to get you noticed!!

KAT by EMO tions
EMO tins/Xia Firethorn
And the KAT with the ART Attachment
EMO tions/Xia Firethorn
So if your out for your Art Class get styled!
EMO tions/Tres  Beau/Xia Firethorn
I am wearing

KAT Hairstyle from EMO tions

DAYLIGHT Necklace from EMO tions


My outfit is from Tres Beau

Aran Dreams Long Jumper Dress

Shadow stripe Leggings and Boots all in Fluff Color

– See more at:
Have a Fabulous Day
Much Love

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