Darling in DIRAM

I have many Designers in SL that I really Love, and for me it has to be Classy not Trashy. I am also known not to mince words and for me BOSL has always been one of the BEST Blogs in SL.

I could drone on about some fairytale, but for me this is a SECONDLIFE Fashion Blog, not a 40 minute story which I would happily provide for Real Life as I have seen some really interesting Blogs.

So Fashion it is, I assume correctly or incorrectly that all you really wish to know, is what I am wearing and how I put the look together, so here it is.
– See more at: http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2014/02/darling-in-diram/#sthash.8xxsAOb6.dpuf
Xia Firtehorn

I like DIRAM the styles there are varied and if I am looking for something a little bit different I always head for that store.

Looking for something a little Retro with a Modern Twist I fell in love with the SCARLET ARMOR in Gold top, for me it held a kind of Art Deco feel.

The DIRAM SCARLET Skirt in Black, had a classy but sexy look , with a fabulous Gold Belt, Teamed together with the top it worked Beautifully.

Both the top and skirt are available in Several Colors, so you could Mix and match them, I also love to wear the top with Trousers and other skirts I have in my Inventory/Wardrobe.

These and much more are available from

DIRAM Ketamine Land (72, 113, 25)

I am also wearing

Hair Kik Ovis in Black Not Mesh
Jewlery Electica Chicago Diamonds dark

la petite morte elegant smoke set
Diktator ENVY Baroque Heels

Have a fabulous day

Much Love



– See more at: http://fashionfeed.thebestofsl.com/2014/02/darling-in-diram/#sthash.8xxsAOb6.dpuf

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