I sometimes sneek up to the Dressing Room Fusion for a peek and tbh there are usually some neat make ups and odd bits of Jewelry to be had at a very reasonable price.
So there I was waiting for the darn place to rezz (not easy these days) When I bumped into the very lovely Sakira Mirabella.
She Started her Marketplace Store awhile ago as the name !!SMESH gives away that her items for sale are of course all MESH.
She makes some pretty cool casual clothes and outfits, so if your looking for something a little Smexy then I highly reccomend !!SMESH.
As usual I digress, we bumped into each other and Sakira Kindly sent me her Latest creation The Glam Jacket, this is available in 3 Colors- Greywhite, Blue and Copper Rose.
Of course I immediatley wanted to try it out.
Them I peeked at the !!SMESH store in Marketplace and found a fab set !!SMESH Black and Silver Leather with Style outfit and fell in Love with the Blackleather jeans they have a super lace up front and then top is very stylish, so having bought those I teamed the Leather Jeans with the Gorgeous Glam Jacket, added Hair, Hat and some of my fave jewelry also Shoes from !!SMESH {not shown}
and a Bag from PM.
Mix n Match Rules here !!

!SMESH Funky shoes in Music
!! SMESH Grey white jacket available in 3 different colors with the option of underteeshirt or No Tee.
!!SMESH Leather jeans with a Lace up front in Blck Leather-part of the Black and Silver style outfit again by !! SMESH.
Hair and hat Latin Lover Gaucho in Onyx by Miamai
Jewelry Zhara in Labrodorite and Moonstone by Earthstones.
Bag by Purple Moon-Mara in Black
Marketplace link to !!SMESH

Thank you Sakira Mirabella ❤

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