The Art and Soul of Sonic Warriors United!!

I don’t often venture out of my SL home, due to either styling an outfit, editing prims to death or attempting to build something half decent.

But when I saw that Denard Henry with Jana Clemen were doing a music event at Inspire Dance Planet at Butsu I just had to go listen and dance around.

Between the amazing music
(taken from their blog
Techno • Rhythmic Industrial • Electro • EBM • Beats and Atmospheres
via the Sonic Warriors United [ SWU ] Ustream channel
and broadcasting to Inspire Dance Planet [ IDP ] in Second Life.
and it was Techno /electro at its Best
For more info on these fabulous Artists check out their Blog page here for more info

and of course the style was out there
Denard henry
The Sonic warrior Himself Denard Henry

light show
Dance Planet is a very colorful place and the light show was fabulous!

Dancing  in Diram

I was dancing away happily to the amazing Music and despite a friend asking why I was wearing a venetian blind I really enjoyed myself!
I am wearing
Skull necklace/earrings/Ring from Ricielli
Have a Fabulous Weekend
Much Love

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