Happy Xmas!!!

Well its that time of the year again, Stores filled with expensive crap that no one really wants and no one really wants to buy.
In the U.K. we are bombarded with it, shops, advertising, Television and worst of all the Loan sharks ready for those who are not financially secure.
The High interest of payday Loans are obscene, I noted one that was over 300percent interest.
Now anyone in their right mind truly would not choose to pay that rate of interest, but for the poorer of the community (if community is still around in this country, as I don’t see much sign of it these days) s its the only way of a/providing their children with a gift/b keeping themselves warm at this time of year or c/Eating as opposed to starving.
One could say, well these people should put a bit by and save for such eventualities, but the U.K. has many people on the basic wage ( Government really shafted us with that, as its an excuse for employers to only offer the minimum wage and many take full advantage of that one).
With High cost Housing, High taxes on income and everything we buy it is very hard for some to save even a little for emergencies these high cost Loans are tempting as they dont ask questions, just torture you if you can not repay.
My friend committed Scuicide after constant harrassment and threats from one such companies representatives leaving a wife and two very young children, despite his plea that as soon as he was well again (off sick due to pelvis injury) he would resume payment.
One year on, I see more and more of these companies popping up and the pressure is on with constant and no stop advertising.
Easy Money NO it isnt.

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