Starting Out!! and a Thankyou to SHOSHISN;

I remember when I first started out on the model journey in SL, How naive I was, but I tried my best and Loved working with MA Modelling, Sadly they no longer exist, they were such a friendly and encouraging set, and everyone worked together so well, I had just started to take my own photos and had never blogged in my life before, I know mine isnt the most forthcoming, possibly because I am not into bullshit and trust me there are a few SL blogs that are total bullshit.
I was lucky enough to meet a fabulous friend shoshisn who pushed me when I needed it, told me off when I needed it and generally helped me every step of the way and I will always Thank Shoshisn for that.
Also he gave me the courage and advice to take my own shots, and this was one of my first.
How Different things are now.
I fell in love with this Gown and its still one of my all time faves, the red is so rich and in all honesty I can not remember where I bought it from.
Dont you just Love a Blogger with memory Loss LOL!!

Xia  the student Model

Dedicated to Shoshsisn as I know he loves Within Temptation

Thanks for all Sho xox

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