New From EMO-tions.

EMO-tions are for me one of the Best Hair Stores in SL, Ok I am biased I blog for them, but only because I requested to do so, EMO-tions Hair was a massive fave for me wayyy before I blogged EMO-tions.
Yes I am picky about things,and if I dont like it i wont blog it, but I have no worries when it comes to EMO-tions hair and her New Jewelry Range. I am in EMO-tional Bliss.
Mirja Has 3 NEW releases this weekend and One of them is a New Gift, yep absolutley free to her Members, its a classy long updo with a fringe or bang as Its known in some countries.
This is the NEW EMO-tions Gift Hair-DEBORAH in Naturals!!!
EMO-tions/Xia Firethorn
The Next New Hair from EMO-tions is a fave for me I am such a dreadlock lover, it comes with hairbases and a fabulous colorpalette, there is a color for everyone, I dont want to take this off LOL!!
The NEW JADE HAIR, I am wearing Naturals 3 its my personal Fave !!
EMO-tions /Xia Firethorn

Then we have The NEW Jewelry Set called Swallow,its a Gorgeously Pretty set with silver swallows, stars and beads, necklace and earrings to match, Its so pretty, you can wear it casual or with your fave Dress!!
EMO-tions /Xia firethorn

Have a fabulous and Happy Weekend at EMO-tions
Much Love

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