A short time ago, I was asked by a wonderful lady Pippa Mint if I would like to submit a piece of work for the Gallerys next contest.
I was surprised and felt very honored to be asked, the brief was HUMAN AWAKING.
Even more surprising for me was when Pippa contacted me recently with an invite to the award ceremony and notifying me that I had won an award for my submission.
I was over the moon.
Human Awaking Award Ceremony

My Submission
Becoming  Human

Asked to write a brief explanation of the mindset of this work, I duly noted.

Representative of being born and climbing up through life, the roses give us the special and happy moments, the Briars dig deep into our flesh teaching us of the pain that can sometimes feel unbearable, the colors are of Earth, Sky, Love,Ego, Happiness and Sorrow combined, as this is the Human Condition.
Xia Firethorn.

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