There are few Designers that have the Vision that ZIBSKA has, she sees her creations as works of ART as do her customers, Its a well known fact that if you want unique and original then you just need to drop into ZIBSKA store.
Full of fabulous make up, Clothes, Shoes, Hair, Jewelry and hats from the stylish to the supremely outrageous and fabulous.
ZIBSKA is no doubt about it a true ARTIST and the sheer Artistry of her many wonderful and unique creations stamd Testament to that Fact.
Here I present
her fabulous HAT
ZELLE and her Jewelry Zellie

Xia Firethorn for ZIBSKA

So Fabulously Constructed it Screams ART

Xia Firethorn for ZIBSKA

Xia Firethorn for ZIBSKA

and if you want to see more of her Truly Inspiring Creations then visit her Fabulous Blog for updates information and New Creations


Have a creative Sunday
Much Love

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