Music and musings,

elven /xia Firethorn

I Love Music, I spend hours listening to all sorts, from classical, some Opera if its Good Opera,to pop rock folk indie my tastes are elcectic, any music is a form of art if done well.
But just sometimes a song or piece of music will make me visualise a scene or picture in my mind, and each scene is different even though the music may be the same. These shots were inspired by The Waterboys version of the Stolen Child and I thank them for the inspiration this song gave me<3

Sacred Stones/Xia Firethorn

The  fae/Xia Firethorn


FD/ unicorns and  butterflies/Xia firethorn

The  hunter fae /xia Firethornsteel wings/xia firethorn

skytalker/xia firethorn


starchild/xia firethorn<a

the  fae child
I feel that I must also say Thanks to some of the amazing content creators in Second Life for the wonderful creations that enabled me to style and take these photos.

5 comments on “Music and musings,

  1. Good for the body, soul, mind and for good health ……
    One kiss on the lips can make you resonate with the slightest bit around your partner’s body, causing a vibration sustainable, regenerative.
    In a kiss, you already know everything that little ensue, and all modes of agreement: collusion of the skin, already strong sense, common rhythm, Adaptability, how deep the report to come….

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