The Hair fair is starting at the weekend, and from previous experience it is usally A/Impossible to get there and B/so laggy you can barely move.
Its also very big, Fortunatley for me Mirja sent a pack of her new releases that are blogged here-


But Mirjas Hair is so imspiring, and I use it a lot in my phogtgraphy when styling, her range being so diverse and always beautifully made.

One of her new Hairs LOREDANA got me inspired to this shot, this one however is edited and the one on
is not.
Check the link out for Fabulous New Hair from EMO-tions.
I Must also Thank Mirja Mills the Creator of EMO-tions Items, for without her this shot may never have occurred.
Thankyou Mirja xoxsong of the siren

and Thanks to Brendan perry who’s Album I was listening to while doing this shoot .

Have a beautiful Weekend

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