NOISE of the Present

In the noise

I find blogging a necessary evil, but Must admit when it come to Mirja mills creations, and zibska, its not really a chore, its more of an inspiration, as for gowns Nile karas and viven emerald hold me fascinated.
But My true love in SL is the variations of digital art, but really have no time for the use of PS added images, that to me is not SL art, if I cant do it inworld then why bother, would my RL art stand this No I dont think so.
I find music so inspirational.
Give me a title to pursue, I will find something I can relate to play it as I am working and touche’ the shot will arrive.
This one is for the Blue Moon Gallery challenge and challenging it was.
Check out their website. We party a lot. LOL.
Have one fabulous day
Much Love


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