I just Knew  that ZIBSKA was  going to  blow  everyones minds out with  new and amazing  Designs,  I was so Right.

xia Firethorn for ZIBSKA

ZIBSKA Gorgeousness

Gwen Necklace & Earrings for L’accessoires.
I was so HapPy when I logged in this morning and found that ZIBSKA had sent me this amazing GWEN set to wear, Having been a long time fan of ZIBSKA I am frequently amazed by the wonderful items she creates, and so I decided to take a pic of Zibska Creations.
I am wearing Barbe BOB Hair-one of my personal faves By ZIBSKA.
TALI EYELINERS another fave as I love dramatic eyes by ZIBSKA
both of these are available on


or instore

and the Fabulous Fabulous GWEN SET is out at

Full colour change vs. features 17 colours for main and accents, 4 colours for metal settings. Single colour [black, silver, gold and blueumber] also available.


Don’t forget the photo contest! You, yes, YOU, can win the entire collection from the next rotation! Go here www.flickr.com/groups/laccessories-flickrcontest/ to check out the contest info and photos.

Wishing you all a Fabulous Day
Much Love




ZIBSKA–Pose Isadora by Grafica Poses

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