Playing with Grafica

Grafica Marionette poses by Alyx Aerallo

Set of Ten poses with mirror options, This is the brand new Marionette poses,
Available from the posefair now;-

POSES by Grafica
skin and outfit CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur

I loved  taking  pics of these poses,  it was so much fun and I needed that chill out time, I am loving  the  new poses  and the old ones  that Grafica make,  I  had to  do some  small  pics for  Fllickr n bosl but here I can put  all teh shots I took.

Grafica Marionette 1


gm 3

gm 4

gm 5




gm 9gm10512


All these poses  have a mirror option,  I had  also  been dying to try out some of the fab meta body Items  so this was  a  goo time to  play.

Have a  fabulous  day

Much love



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