Just to wish you all a Happy Week

Well Ostara is now over and we are all  happily  and hopefully  well fed on choccys and other  seasonal  goodies, I have sadly been informed  by a couple of friends  that theyre unwell,   such is the nature of a lot of people  in SL,  I am at present keeping them in my thoughts and meditations, and  hope they get well  very very soon.

I am slowly  winding   down the fashion stuff in my blog, Its time  consuming,  and although I do love styling, I hate blogging it lol,  yep contradiction, why wouldnt I want to show  off the latest  aquisitions and styles,

I have asked myself why on several occasions and still have no real answer, maybe my ego isnt  up  there in  the  stratosphere,   and personally I prefer it not to be, There are many many wonderful models and bloggers in SL  who muct devote hour upon  hour to  it, I truly admire their tenacity and    seeing some of the amazing blogs   out there really  blows my mind, such talent.

On a personal  level I am just lazy with this blog, Its easier for me to just  whack it on flicr and then copy paste it to BOSL, and my  personla  blog gets neglected.

Then  to add insult to injury  I bombard your inboxes  witha flurry of catchups,

I am so sorry about that and you have my deepest sympathy and apologies.

Anyway I digress,

this was just a  Hope you had a wonderful Ostara, and I wish you a  really lovely  week and  sorry  for  filling your inbox.

Much Love Xia




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