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I am  happily  getting over my  SL addiction, One time it would have been stressy not to log in for a day,  yep seriously, it can grab you like  that, I do know  people  who  literally live  for SL and very nearly became one of them.

Now I am logging into   SL as and when I  need to or have  an engagement to attend,   and not missing  it  when  I dont.


I have  been  chasing some live music  recently, I do love live accoustic performers  and that has been  great, listening to a variety of very talented people  who  sing live,  I admire their talent and   Love to hear them.

It never ceases to amaze me  just how many really talented people there are in SL,   for a few  its a good platform to  get  noticed and to progress their talent and that is one positive thing about  SL.

At present slowly leaving the modelling  circuit, its been fun, been an experience, I cant wait to see  the  New Fashion Teller  book  in which I took part, I was  really honored when they invited me to be part of that.

Also I am due to start  at Mimi Boa’s  academy in Feb, Mimi kindly invited me to do her  course, so  also looking forward to that very much.

I have to say, that  she is one very talented and beautiful  woman, so pleasant to  talk to,  its a pity there are not more of her ilk  within the  model  fraternity, a few of  them  could  really  do with a   course in  Good manners.

For  Now  just playing round with   the  land I am renting and messing round with photos,live music and a little  bit of exploring is doing my  soul  good,   someone  once said to me  SL is full of nasty competitive people who are totally self obsessed, I would possibly  have  agreed with him on  that, except  for the fact  that I  have met  a few exceptionally  nice  and caring people in my SL life,  as in RL life the bad will always  outnumber  the good, just be careful  about  who you associate with, its not rocket science.

Much love



3 comments on “Balance

  1. Zibska, Thankyou, you are such a lovley woman, and have always been really kind to me, I totally agree, and yes it was getting a little stressy for me.
    Cant wait to see your new creations for 2013, have a super week xox

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