zibska xia Dress

I felt so  blessed when Zibs did a dress and called it xia.  I was  surprised and really love this dress, it is different, and I like original  and different, I did blog it at the time, but also had a few other shots of  it that I particularly  liked, but BOSL  tend to limit how many piccs yu  can get in  there, so I am uploading  them here  to keep them safe.

Its  not just a  virtual dress its an artwork, I look round the grid and its all so samey,  nothing much inspires me anymore,  and  in all honestyl modelling in SL  is so rigid it kind of depletes any kind of  artistic representatation, but Zibska is  very  different, her flicr is  superb and  some of her designs are jaw dropping for  SL,  Go Zibska  and thankyou for making  xia    again, much love xia xox

Snapshot_226 512Snapshot_035


also  there is some pretty inspiring Jewelry made by Zibska,  with texture changes and an extensive range to choose from all uniquely different,


Then of course  there is also a fabulous range of makeups,


I love Dramatic eyes.

she also  does boots and shoes, and amazing outfits,

ZIBSKA ANGELINE/Xia FirethornYet another  of the fab outfits from Zibska, then there is the Hair section, if you havent seen it I suggest that you do, its pretty amazing.


Zibska styling again,

ZIBSKA/xia firethorn

So all I can say is That I wish Zibs a  Great Year to come, and I for one cant wait to see, more of her Fashion,no its more than Fashion, its ART. Have a wonderful Year ZIBSKA.

Much love



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