The beautiful Lilou


Snapshot_073 xia  n Lilou

Snapshot_073xia  and Lilou vintage





Snapshot_079 Snapshot_094_LILOU 2

My  lovley  friend Lilou  popped into my studio the other day, well truth be told, she had arranged as a surprise for  us both to have a photo done by her  friend  Elle.

After that was  over,  I asked Lilou if I   may take a few shots  of her,  I love new victims  hehe, so, she kindly said yes, and so for posteritys sake I am putting them  on here, also   it keeps my HD  clear  lol,  and flickr  I notice have been messing up Peoples accounts  by not allowing renewal of pro accounts, and   that causes  some  problems with shots already on there,  seriously I really need to get  some storage sorted.

But we had a  great time and it was nice  just to chillout with a friend for a change, I dont often do that,  tbh I am not inworld enough to have time to  do it, I love SL the possiblilities  and the creativity, its just the undercurrent  of jealousy and  negativity in some areas  that really do make me sick of it all.

so Back to  more pleasant things and spending an hour with Lilou  really was  pleasant, we  do the odd  wave, hello how are you and see each others shots on flickr,   so it was  nice to catch up.

I kind of started work on one shot and  went a little mad,  but I hope she liked them .

The beautiful Lilou Cerise.

and  for   the record,  we did a couple of shots together which was  fun, as I was trying to edit the  poses  lol,

I had a lovley  couple of Hours,

Thankyou Lilou,

Much Love



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