SL is just not  liking me at the moment,  My friend list has  dissappeared.  not  that it is used much, I dont IM  People  much  at all, mainly because like me theyre  usually very busy, but the   fact that I cant see  who is online is verry annoying, and I do  occasionally like to  say  Hi  how are you to a few  close friends, I have tried to reload the viewer  but its still not playing  nicely . Growlllllllllll.

However  as I often say, Good Friends are  like stars, you dont always  see them, but you do know theyre  there.

So to all  my  Stars if your by any chance reading this.

I hope  you are well  and I seriously havent  been ignoring you.

I know you are  like  me,  busy, but please stay safe, stay well,  and most of  all Be  Happy or  I may just have to come and  killya. LOL,

Love you to bits,



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