I am not a nasty person in RL or SL, I  would never wish to be. I am by  nature a  quiet one though,  I so love Modelling,  but at the moment with the  new viewer and my connection not playing  nicely its hard  and runway is just out of the question, so its  kind of  frustrating a little.

I so wish  that the   lovley girl who is hounding  me  would  back off, but  she seems to be recruiting friends,   its sad in a way, but typical,  I am so glad  that I  will  never  be   like  that.

I wish  her some peace because obviously she  cant find it.

asking for peace of  mind for  those  who need it,  Meditation is a way of  clearing my head, finding forgiveness and asking    that I  may never  fall into the  abyss of  self  importance .




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