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The Garden Game @ Seven Veils


If you need help, try viewing our Introduction & Tutorial video:


The Garden Game is a clue-based puzzle that incorporates gathering and logic. Your goal is to seek the seven Guardians and their Artifacts to collect clues and solve the current puzzle round by discovering which Guardian committed which sin and what penance they suffered for their actions. At the end of each round of play you can pick one (and only one) Guardian to forgive.

*** SETTINGS ***

~ Please remove all unnecessary scripts and attachments.
~ Many items in The Garden are mesh; you will need a mesh-friendly viewer to enjoy the full environment.
~ Please increase your LOD to 4, or as high as you can without impacting your viewer performance.
~ Please enable Sounds in your viewer.
~ Please turn off Property Lines.
~ For best results while exploring, set your draw distance as close to 256 as possible and give yourself a few minutes to cache in the Starting Area.
~ If there are many others on the SIM, increase your performance by lowering the Max Number of Avatars your viewer renders.


1. Wear your HUD.
2. Begin a game by clicking “NEW.”
3. If you wish to play with/against another player, have them stand within 2m of you and then have them click “JOIN.” You should see a message telling you they have joined your new game. Repeat this one at a time for each player in your group. (The multiplayer JOIN option is not available on DEMO HUDs)
4. Gather clues by finding and clicking on Artifacts and Guardians. If you’re not sure what the Guardians or Artifacts look like, you can find them near the blue shimmering threshold that separates the Starting Area from The Garden Grounds. There are also textures of them at the bottom of this notecard.
5. Note your clue progress on the tracking grid. Click once to place an X to track negative clues; click a second time to place a dot to track positive clues. Your solution will depend on dots being in the proper place; X’s are only to help you track clues you’ve eliminated.
6. When you think you have discovered the Sin and Penance for each Guardian and have tracked the correct solution with dots, click “SOLVE.”
7. If you have solved the puzzle correctly, you will be asked to choose a Guardian to forgive and prompted to play another round. To forgive a Guardian, simply click on their name.


For more information about The Garden or game elements, please visit our website:

You can also join our Flickr group and share your Garden photos:

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