I am enjoying TRYST at the moment, and so many people have been kind enough to visit and take photos, Initially I was going to just take shots of it and take it down, then a friend said look just open it and allow  others to come n peek so I did, its been a bit of a challenge, I share the homestead due to  costs, but fortunately for me the person I share with is  really great, and basically just wanted somewhere to call home on Sl and not be too bothered  with  building etc, so I got to use the lions share of prims after building a secluded Beach for them wayyyy up high.

I kind  of got inspired to  build  after meeting a guy on SL who really does build fabulously, and  to be fair he taught me a lot, I watched and learned, but  am no where near as good as he is, I wish lol.

But we  all learn from doing, there are a  lot of prims out I know, and  its kinda  built on a weird angle  so I have been  told,   so I have learned from this build a lot, I should have used megaprims in parts and didnt,  so the next build will be better, but I am sure  that Iwill still need more skill,  but rome wasnt built in a day, and  neither  are my attempst,  heheh.

I have tried to incorporate a lot of   areas for photos,  all the moons, have poses,   as does some of the grass, and flowers, also all the horses do  and the unicorn,   I so wish I had a bigger prim allowance,  I could have gone OTT with poses and  tiny details such as birds in trees etc,  but sadly SL is mean with prims compared to inworldz,  which I have kinda looked at, but it still evolving,  and yep ok if your a master builder  would be super,  but I have a very very long way to go to ever be that.

In the meantime, I am kinda  still enjoying some model work, be it print,  as runway at the  moment is just not viable as  my connection keeps dropping and I am constantly being logged out or get not responding growllllssssss.

Short of moving  home in RL there isnt much I can do about it, funny thing is, if I log in on the very basic original viewer, I have noooo problems,  but  in the fashion world I need to wear layers, and mesh and cant in that viewer  ahhh such things are sent to try us, Iguess we are all  having a few issues with viewers at the moment.

Now I am going to  maybe concentrate on improving my  photography techniques for a little while, at least until TRYST get pulled  down to make way  for another  mad idea.

I  am  happy that peeps are  visiting and hope they enjoy it, WARNING be care ful when clicking the grass, you could end up on your ass LOL.

I am however wondering, just how many found the hidden fairy glen,   its a tiny doorway in the  rock and waterfalls, yep sneeky I know, but I had to it was  compulsive, such is  my wickedness.

Have a  wonderful  day

as always

Much Love



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