La Licorne


I do so love this outfit La Licorne, made by Sarni Azalee  of  THE LOOKING GLASS  SIM another fabulous place to visit, built by Marcus Inkpen, who in reality is one  fab  RL Artist.

They built  THE  LOOKING GLASS and   then opened   up  cute little stores within the build, so youu can buy some fabulous fantasy roleplay outfits also some  superb flowers trees and out of this world build items.

Occasionally holding live music  events and  poetry  readings,  its a cultural place to visit inworld and so beautifully  contrived,  the Art Gallery is just fabulous, Sharni has been a real  rock to me andwe  met just  a short while  after I joined SL.  so if your looking for really  unique  fantasy  outfits then  visit the clothier on  THE LOOKING GLASS SIM

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