I like  Zibska creations, theyre  fun stylish and  unusual, i also like  Zibska  herself, she is a  lovley woman and will  offer advice or help on any of her  products  unlike some designers who realllllllly do have an attitude issue.

For myself its simple there is so much choice on the grid, if a designer  cant be assed to be  polite or speak to  customers, then I cant be assed to spend money there.

One  well  known  jewelry store is certainly off my list,  sadly I  have spent  extortionate amounts in her store, but after the last time I asked a serious question and she was online,  she could not lower herself to talk  to me, and  I got a response from her manager the next day.

SO  Y.F. your   not a God,  your outta order, and out of a customer from now  on my LS will be going elsewhere.

ooooooooh I feel so much better now

Have a great  day

much Love



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